Clock adjustment knob removal

I’m taking apart my old console and I’d like to take the clear plastic cover off the clock. I straightened the metal tabs but how do I get the knob off that changes the time. Do I pull it out and hold on to the shaft then use another set of pliers to undo the knob? Don’t want to brake or strip the adjustment knob.

It might help if you post the year of your Cougar. I’m sure someone here will have the information.

Oh yeah
72 xr7 convertible

My 69 XR7 clock reset knob unscrewed very tightly… used a vise grip to hold behind the knob, and then a padded pliers to unscrew the knob, which is metal btw. the center knob is press fit tightly but can be pried off.

Yeah I think my adjustment knob is plastic.

So the knob unscrews of you pried it of by unscrewing it and there are no threats in the knob itself? If so how did you put it back on? If glue what kind of glue

The 71-73 console clocks have no center knob, only the set knob.
The set knob unscrews from the shaft. They are VERY tight.

I’m to much of a chicken. These consoles are 46 plus years old the plastic on them are brital. I know! Went to drew the clock back in place and the one mount broke.tried crazy glue with no luck. Siliconed it. Wait until tomorrow to see if it will hold