Coca Cola Eliminator give away

Hi all, im really hoping i can get some answers on the Coca Cola Eliminators that were apparently given away prizes or rewards for staff in the 70’s ?.
In my search for some history on my Eliminator the latest info i have been given is there was some connection with Coke. I was under the impression it was a Hertz car( being a sunroof one) but i am waiting for more info from a previous owner.
I know about the Dyno Don and the Classic Cougar giveaway resto car, but can anyone shed light on any other Coke promo cars pls?

I know I have some old magazines that mention the giveaway - but beyond that I don’t know how many Eliminators they gave away or which cars they were. I thought that it was just one car, but again, I’m not sure.

I would assume you have all the info Kevin Marti can give you on your car? You probably wouldn’t get anywhere, but maybe try contacting someone with Coke?

And I just have to say, if you’ve got a factory comp green '70 Eliminator with a sunroof, you have an incredibly cool Cougar! :beerchug:

How about some photos?

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I actually owned one of the give away cars. It was a 70 Competition Blue 351C 4 speed. I sold it a few years back to a guy in Colorado. The factory invoice said Coca Cola Give Away. The owners name and social security number where actually on the invoice. Most of the stuff I collected relating to the give away went with the car.

Thanks for the reply, google turns up a blank regarding this promo.
I guess im wondering how many cars or what specs these giveaway cars were, all 351’s ? etc?
Im also a bit confused as i thougt mine was one of the hundred Hertz ordered Eliminators?
A previous owner will hopefully shed more light on it soon.

In past searches for Cougar parts on eBay, I’ve seen advertising literature for sale detailing the Coca-Cola give-ways. Pretty sure I’ve seen (at least) back to 68, which obviously wouldn’t be Eliminators. When I run across another one on eBay, I’ll post it up here.

Ok, all I have to offer is a possible point of contact for more details on the Coca-Cola Eliminators;

User: Ratrap007 posted that he used to own an orange one, here:

This is the fellah that was selling the green '70 boss 302 Eliminator in Tucson last year. His eBay user ID is svx007.

He may be able to help you out with more info / details. Whatever you learn, please post it up for the rest of us?

Good Luck!

Hi everyone,

I was told by my neighbor that there was a tread about the Coca Cola Eliminators and I had looked on and didn’t see anything. Then I found this post today. Any way I’m the ‘guy in Colorado’ that John (DrCougar) sold the Coca Cola car to.

I have the Marti and the Eminger invoices (2) for the car.

It was optioned with Evaporative Emissions (went to California), Eliminator Package, Four-speed wide ratio manual transmission, optional axle ratio (3.50), Traction-Lok Differential, F70X14 belted tires w/ raised white letters, Power disk breaks, power steering, AM radio, Décor Group, Tinted Glass, Competition Suspension. It was built 11 days behind schedule on the 16th of March, 1970.

On the second invoice as John mentioned the winners name and SSN are printed. The program was actually called the “Coca Cola National Thirst Eliminator Program”. This car was given to a D. B. Bethscheider at the San Bruno Lincoln Mercury dealer.

From the documentation that I was given from John the give away had 5 cars total. The “grand” prize car was the Dyno Don car that is mentioned in this thread and then there were going to be four 1st place cars and were supposed to be 1969 Cougar Eliminators, but based on timing of the end of the promotion the 1st place cars ended up all being 1970 model year Cougar Eliminators. The Dyno Don car was featured in Car Craft and was known as the “Super Cat”. Read more and see photos here at the following link.

I do not know if the winner had any choice on what came with the 1st place cars or not so if they were all Competition Blue or not is beyond me, but I had understood that they were all blue except for Dyno Don’s car of course which is the deep red.

Lastly, I have tried to contact some folks at Coca Cola and they are less then helpful. One would think that they would have information on the give away, but if they do I’m not talking to the right folks.

I have to get the other documentation out of my safe deposit box to take some photos and I’ll try and post them here, but it may be a bit before I get that done. Based on the documentation that John sent me with the car it has been through several people’s hands, but has only racked up a total of about 41,700ish miles (I don’t remember off the top of my head the actual number). It only had 39k something (almost 40k) when I got the car from John back in 2007.


Coke has an historical department, is that who you talked to? I saw them on an episode of Antiques Roadshow once and the guy they talked with seemed very into anything to do with the company history.

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