Color combos

I am new to the land of GTEs, so I haven’t read all the past posts.

Is there a color breakdown, I.e. how many of each color of GTEs?

Do you currently own a GT-E or are you on the hunt for a car or just research?

The registry reports out as to how many of each color have been reported. Jim Pinkerton would be the best person to reach out to for specific questions about the registry.

Phil Parcells manages the National Database and can assist with specific questions to cars that have been reported to the Database. Phil’s Contact information is located on

My copy of Cougar By The Numbers is at work, I have not dig into it specially seeking GT-E data and I’m not certain how far to the granular level it goes to package groups within the model year, but I can look.

There is a GT-E book available that has some great information and a bit of the details about color options available in the online store on

I am happy to help answer specific questions or help put you in touch with the right person if the question is one I can’t answer.

My email is

Black = 25
Black Cherry = 23
Nordic Blue = 43
Madras Blue = 22
Lime Frost = 18
Glacier Blue = 5
Augusta Green = 64
Cardinal Red = 134
Caribbean Blue = 5
Wellington Blue = 12
Grecian Gold = 40
Special Order (Calypso Coral) = 2
Total = 393
Cougar GT-E Registrar

Thanks Gavin and Jim.

This is Chris Benis.

My CCC signature used to list my cars, but for some reason that isn’t showing up any longer.


Hi Chris, I checked and the signature box here was blank. I grabbed the list from the other forum and plugged it in here for you. You have a great collection!

He will have to update that list when his GT-E arrives…

And remove the medium Gold 70…

Thanks, Neal is correct that I sold the medium gold 1970 Houndstooth standard.
So, I just bought a 428 GTE, Cardinal red with red interior.
And my 68 X code is still for sale (listed here and elsewhere).

WOW!! Will we get to see it at Prowl this summer?