Color/paint code/picture

After seeing FordBlue asking for an example of a paint color got me thinking. Now that TCCN site is down and that is where I use to check paint colors and codes. A thread with just the paint color name, paint code and an example would be helpful.
So, in order to post in this thread put the paint color in the title and the post needs to contain the code number/year and a picture of a Cougar in that color.

Red 1968 paint code: T

Competition orange 1969 paint code: 3

Competition Green 1970 color code Z.

Paint code X Wellington Blue.

1968 Augusta Green. Code “R”

Beautiful Lime Frost 1968 Code I (i not L)

1970 Paint code J, Competition Blue (Mercury), also known as Grabber Blue (Ford);

1970 Paint code N, Pastel Blue

Minor problem… If you not registered here you cannot see all the pictures. Then as this thread grows it will become pages and pages w/ no way to access the color w/ out looking thru all of them. I have used a ssite that has the color codes listed w/ a picture…

I’ll see if I can find it…

The idea is good, but a problem is, that looking at colors on pictures is a bad idea, since different settings on cameras, computers etc will not show the color as it really is, a car that might look bright red on picture can in fact be burgundy in real life, and a bright yellow on picture can be pale yellow in life.
The only pointer you get from seeing colors on picture, is to determine if it is blue, red, green etc, the exact shade of the color is impossible to see, and i have had customers to my paintshop getting very disappointed when the see how different the color they chose from picture is in real life

Maybe this will be one way to get more members registered?? I tried to search the thread by putting in “Pastel Blue” and it took me right to Daves old Eliminator, so you can use the search function without going thru all the pictures. I also searched paint code 3 and it went right to my Eliminator.

Yep, I was thinking the same thing. If anything, it would be better to have several examples of each color in different lighting conditions, angles etc.

Also if it helps, I think we have all the color chips here, so I could scan them for reference (although there is still the problem of every computer screen being a little different)

1968 Black Onyx paint code A

1969 Light aqua paint code E

1969 Bright Blue Poly (Paint Code 6) and 1969 Bright Yellow (Paint Code 9)

1968 Augusta Green, Code R (aka Ford Highland Green)