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A friend of mine is looking to buy his first classic and expressed some interest in this car:,Max~1&lifestyle=unique

I don’t know whether you guys have seen this yet. I thought you all would enjoy the comment: ‘Arguably the BEST 69 Cougar XR7 Convertible in Aust possibly the world’.

If you have, could someone please post a link? Otherwise, I would appreciate your comments to pass on to my friend.

It looks like a really nice car, but I am not sure that it matches up to the hype in the ad or the price the seller wants.

The obvious things to me are:

  1. Mercury did not offer an Eliminator in a convertible and, in any event, this car does not seem to have the Eliminator decals;
  2. $49,000 is an extraordinary price for an XR7 with a 351W;
  3. the interior is not burgundy leather;
  4. the price of $130,000 for a car in the US sounds like a true one-of-a-kind, not an XR7 with a 351;
  5. there is no Marti report shown in the ad and I doubt the claim that this car is one of a kind.

That being said, I think I saw the reflection of the seller in one photo wearing an Australian Lincoln Mercury Club shirt, which speaks volumes of his character, taste and refinement. The car’s history is also a nice touch.

Also, for my money, this looks like a more interesting car…,Max~1&lifestyle=unique

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i Aggree, the second… for the money

I suppose being in OZ there is some value to the fact that it’s right hand drive. But there’s nothing special about it, it’s just a '69 vert with ugly 20" wheels. In my mind it’s priced at least three times what it’s worth. The second car looks far more interesting.

this one from the site is my new background…menacing!!!
69 front shot.jpg

The Yellow Eliminator is a much better buy and is a rare and collectable ! The convert is priced rediculusly high and is nothing special !

I agree. There are a few '69 / '70 Eliminators on the US market right now that are priced lower, but depending on import costs that Aus '69 Eliminator might be a fair buy.

I refrained from commenting on the 20" wheels - its a matter of personal taste. Personally, its not mine, but it is easily fixed and the wheels can be re-sold.

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They are both nice looking cars. I like the yellow Eliminator better. I would agree with everyone else about the price.

I love the yellow Eliminator and it belonged to or belongs to a member of I remember asking about the rims that are a custom made rim from a company in Australia. If I had the cash, I would snap that one up for sure. There are also some youtube videos of this car on the track, The thing really goes!

Doug has owns the red car and has been around Cougars for many years. He was one of the members of the old Australian Cougar registry and you can find him here

Rod owns the Eliminator - and I see it on a regular basis. It is a nice car that was being set up for historic tarmac rallies. It has good engineering. Rod replaced the race seats with a new interior, added the a/c to make it a great cruise car. The car had been in the country for a while and was RHD but the guy setting it up for rallying converted it back to LHD with a new firewall (he is the importer and knows his stuff)

I think the Eliminator is a great buy and excellent value for money. I am amazed it hasn’t sold already.

This is the only reason the Eliminator is on the market

Leon I have a question. Cougar’s that go to OZ are they swapped to RHD or as imports go there that way? I would think it is a tough process to convert from LHD to RHD. My hat is tipped to whoever makes the conversion because that is true automotive passion so your driving on the same side as everyone else.
I also looked at the Torino Grand Sport, nice car. I laughed at the engine description. "Engine 8 cylinder Petrol Aspirated 302 L (4948cc) ", thats not the way they describe them here in the states. :slight_smile:

Yellow Eliminator is much better looking to me. One question about it though. In the straight-on shot of the front, it looks quite misaligned. Look at the tops of the headlight covers as they sit behind the hood trim, or the spacing just above the bumper left side and right side. It almost looks to me like someone did a pretty good job of cleaning it up after it was in a crash. Or am I just seeing things?

Here you go Steven…from the man in Oz himself:

Even if it were misaligned some, It wouldn’t stop me from buying it. These are things that can be tweeked.

Thanks for posting that link Mo. I breezed through it on my phone. It looks amazing, and I need to read the whole article on my home computer.