complete 1969 Cougar Speed Control system

I have a COMPLETE and functioning factory “Fingertip” speed control system in my 1969 Cougar standard coupe. Marti report states this is one of 253 '69 Cougars built with factory Speed Control! ALL under hood parts are there, as is the “Speed” switch under the dash pad and sensor on speedometer cable. Price of the entire system is $2,500. I will remove and ship to buyer. I do accept PayPal. I may sell the whole car as well. It is a yellow with black top standard coupe with 75,500 actual miles. Has 351, FMX and PS, Power disc brakes, full center console and the afore mentioned factory Speed Control. I should have the Marti report this week. Very solid and good running car. I would take $9,500 cash. Located near Dubuque Iowa.
9F91H558790_dlxrpt.pdf (206 KB)

Pics would surely help

Sorry, don’t have pics of the cruise gear. I can get them in a few weeks. Just put it in storage yesterday. If you are seriously interested, sooner. Thanks.

69CoupeCC, would you mind sending some pictures my way, or posting them here? I’d like to use them for the upcoming Eliminator Book that Don Skinner is working on, in order to show what the components include and what they look like. I understand the car is not an Eliminator, but the book will also include information and pics of various options and some Standard and XR-7 info as well.

Thanks in advance!

Mike B.

Mike, I would be glad to post pictures as soon as I have them. Anything to help other enthusiasts. I have restored a car from the ground up, so I know what it’s like to search for correct components. Before this one, I had not run across another '69-'70 Mustang or Cougar with speed control.

Definitely rare stuff, that’s for sure!

How much are you asking for the speed/cruise control
Thanks Scott

Scott, I sent a PM

I must be one of the lucky 253 1969 Cougar XR7’s with cruise control. It is complete except the turn signal arm is broken. I will be ordering a new turn signal from WCCC. My father was the original owner and it is fully loaded. It has been my car since 1980. It has always been garaged.

Holy Resurrected thread Batman!

First time I read it! You must have missed the new member part. I thought it was an interesting number of speed controls sold in 69. :v:t2:

I opened it thinking there was another speed control for sale. In my excitement I missed the new member part.