Complete list of badges and locations?

I have looked here and at but I can’t find a definitive and comprehensive list of what badges are supposed to go where on Cougars.

Does such a doc / diagram exist?

My Cat has been repainted a couple of times and I know for a fact the front quarter panel badges are wrong but I don’t know what to replace them with. I also think there is supposed to be a Cougar script on the trunk lid.

Here’s the deck lid script in repro

Quarter panel script in repro

That’s cool, but I am hoping to find some kind of source that says (for example):

“The 1969 convertible has a 6.5” “Cougar” script badge on the right side of the deck 3 inches from the edge, another on the front quarter panel 2 inches above the light …", etc.

Might this be part of the judging material for Cougar competitions?

Only on standard’s, XR7’s got XR7 on the right side of the trunk but many no longer have these. They were unobtanium for a while when JCC ran out the their repro’s. Looks like WCCC has them now:, probably a new reproduction.

There is nothing in the judging material that tell where these go, as far as the 6.5 badge, it goes on lower rear front fender, someone with a 390 might give you that info. I would be glad to send you info on where the other emblems go on a 69 Cougar. let me know and I will PM it to you.

I find this interesting, clearly there was some kind of diagram that showed the guys on the line where to put these things and I would guess that guys who were doing a full restore on a rust bucket they found in a barn would want to know what goes where. I am also surprised that this isn’t part of the judging, given how specific they are about pinstripes.

I expected to find a sticky with each year and model listed in detail, maybe a good idea for whomever can get the definitive info.

PM’ing you now, catlover .

Most of the logos were mounted to the car using pins that went into holes in the panels. The holes were punched when the panel was made. In the case of a logo that was attached with tape, they had a very simple jig that gave the spacing from an adjacent panel edge and there were variations from car to car as they were no all that careful.

It would be helpful to have a sort of basic equipment list of badges and logos for each car… I think that the guys at WCCC probably can do that in their sleep.

The shop manual has diagrams. Some of the body shop crash books do too.

There were no 6.5 LITRE emblems used in 1969. There was a prototype style emblem for that and they show up once in a while. I know that Jim Pinkerton has one. I have seen a 390 engine badge used in 69. And the Boss 302 and 428 Eliminators had a tape number on the lower front fender behind the tire. There were no other engine size emblems used on 69 Cougars.

Having the correct emblems in the correct locations is a part of CCOA judging. We did not though spell out which emblems go where on each year car. Just as we did not spell out a lot of other “what is correct” things, instead figuring that our judges already knew that information from years of Cougar involvement. Then we work to team an interested inexperienced potential judge with an experienced judge so that the information may be passed along.

Randy Goodling
CCOA #95

I cannot quite make out what the emblems are from your photos but from what I can see I would say that they should not be there at all. The only emblem that I have ever seen on a front fender of a 69 Cougar is a 390 engine badge. Post up a close up of the emblem that is on your front fender if you get a chance.

Randy Goodling
CCOA #95

Yeah, you would think there would be a definitive “Eliminator Blackout Treatment” thread as well, with pictures and details on paints and whatnot for something that gets brought up fairly often.

I don’t know, maybe there are already articles on emblems and blackout over on the CCOA site?

Randy, on 1969 Cougars that had the 351 GT Performance Group option had the power dome hood stripe with “351”. They had “GT” stamped on the body buck tags.
Likewise with the 428 Cobra Jet option, power dome hood stripe with engine size.

You’re right Scott. I forgot about those two.

Randy Goodling
CCOA #95

This is probably a little off subject (but not too far, I hope). During restoration, my quarter panels were replaced and before the holes were drilled for the “Cougar” script emblems, the old quarter panels were discarded. The new panels didn’t have the holes, so can anybody supply the hole locations or maybe the location of the emblems as shown in the attached picture? The junction of the U and G appear to be the middle of the emblem, so that dimension should work for either side (I think). Hope the picture is large enough to view correctly.

Thanks for the help, - Brian

Hey Brian,

I don’t have an answer for you (sorry), but I’m curious where you got your replacement quarters from?


The distance from quarter ext. to G is 7 3/4, from body line to tail on R is 4.90 or 4 7/8.
level is under the O to R if car is sitting level.

Catlover, thanks for the info - just what I need!
Mike_B, I got the quarters from John’s Classic Cougars - P/N: JC-302 1969-1970 REPRODUCTION COUGAR Repair Quarter Panel

I appreciate the help!