Complete setup to convert auto to manual transmission

I have a complete setup out of a 1968 Cougar to convert your automatic to a manual. I purchased a Cougar with a 3 speed manual setup and took everything out of it and now those parts are for sale. I have pictures of everything included and can sell all the parts, including the transmission, or just the parts necessary to do the conversion.

It might help with your sale if you list your asking price for the total package and or for each part. Listing the parts might also be a big help along with a description of condition and your location. Pictures can be added to your post so that would help you also. Was this setup for a big block or small block Cougar? Good luck with your sale.

Thank you for the helpful information. It is for a small block (302). I attempted to upload a picture, but received a message that it was too large. I will try again. As for the cost, I could use some help on determining its value as a complete unit. I do not want to overcharge anyone because I know how expensive it is to do our restorations.

I would like to get $750.00 for everything, except the 3-speed transmission. I will include the transmission for an additional $300.00…plus actual shipping costs on everything. These prices are open to offers. This includes everything needed to convert from an automatic to manual transmission in your 1967 - 1968 Cougar and probably Mustang. Thanks.

Is the brake pedal for manual drum or the longer power disc brakes?

The setup came out of a power disk setup. I can take some measurements if necessary.