Convertible top stopped working

Wouldn’t you know it! Out for a nice cruise but when it started to rain. The wife and I had to pull over to put up the top. Never had an issue before but always wondered when it would fail. Well it failed!
You could hear the hydraulics working but it wouldn’t lift the top. Couldn’t smell any hydraulic fluid. Don’t know what is wrong with it. Haven’t looked yet but thought I’d ask you guys what I might look for other then the obvious. Leaky line.

My bet would be that the system is low on fluid (Type F ATF). That would mean there is a leak too, but it might be a very slow one depending on last time you checked the level. Need to remove back seat to check. Second guess would be the seals on hydraulic rams have given up. If you end up replacing parts, I recommend getting new lines. The originals get brittle and can burst. I know from experience the mess that makes.

I’ve owned the car For 23 years and have never checked or do I know how to check the level. This will be my winter upgrade to the car.
There is something else I want to do to the car. I’d like to get the backend up so the air shocks aren’t jack to the max. I would like to install coil over shocks without the insane price that they charge for them. Or maybe add a leaf. I don’t really know what I should do.

As far as the rear end height goes, please note that the area where the upper shock absorber mount is located was not designed to carry the vehicle’s weight. The best thing to do is to get leaf springs that provide you with the stance you desire.

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I’m having the same issue though thankfully the mechanism malfunctioned when the top was up.
Should I get the tube kit from wccc or would any supply shop provide a satisfactory set of tubing and connectors?

I got mine from WCCC. Perfect fit. I can’t vouch for others but may be the same manufacturer. Supporting a vendor who supports us is worth something.

Best recent prices for springs from ESPO directly. I understand that ESPO is the supplier to WCCC. Great service and less expensive.

Oh I’m a big fan and customer of Wccc. It’s an inexpensive part and just want to know if I should get some tubes nearby or if there is something special about these tubes that is worth waiting several days to have shipped.

For leaves. Shouldn’t I just go to a local truck and tractor place that just does leave springs and add a leave or two. I’m way up in Canada and to purchase from this shop you’re talking about would be more time and money. Then I’d have to deal with the border and pay taxes on the taxes I’ve already paid

are you close to a border order from WCCC or ? ship to mailbox they usually let you cross for free under $300

Agree with RKTman 70. A mail drop is reasonably easy to setup across the border, worth the savings on shipping and brokerage fees.

I had new springs custom ordered from WCCC and sent to my US mail drop for my 69 convertible. You could play with getting your old ones recurved…new, for this part, works for me.

I bought mine e year ago off eBay. Maybe 15 years ago. They are a n good shape.
Where I leave they will let you cross back into Canada with $100 worth of goods. After that they tax you.

Hi Superbond, I’m way up here in Canada too and it’s definitely a challenge to get parts! What province are you in? I’m in Ontario. Getting back to your convertible top not working; I don’t think this is your problem but I have a 1970 model and I’ve had to replace the switch in the dash twice in the 10 years I’ve owned it. What happens is the plastic tip on toggle part heats up and flattens not letting the contacts to make contact so there’s no power getting to the motor. Just something to aware of for possible future concerns…

I am in Ontario also. Thunder Bay
The funny thing about my power top is. Today was a beautiful day so I took a gamble and tried to put the top down and go for a cruise. Well guess what. It worked like nothing ever happened. And I get what you are saying but my top was trying to come up but needed a hand. The noise off the hydraulics was there just little to no response

Did you check the fluid level in the pump?

I haven’t as I have been busy and heading out fishing with the boys. So it’s low on my priority list for about 3-4 months. Winter project

Wow! You’re way up there in Ontario. I’m near Kitchener-Waterloo. Thunder Bay would make for a great adventure in my Cat. Good luck with your winter project!

Yes it would be a nice trip! Beautiful scenery!
Well it time to look at my hydraulic for my top.