Convertible top

Seem lately I’ve been been having to push on the convertible top to help it go down? Got any ideas?

weak motor?

Crap, just thought maybe fluid was low?

If fluid low, it would sound like it was “skipping”.
Hard to explain, kind of like popping in and out of engagement

No, I just got to give it help going down, till half way.
Then goes down by its self?

Could be low fluid. Couldn’t hurt to check the level.

Mine was slow going up and I finally had to give it a hand. Pulled the interior apart and found fluid low and a leaking cylinder. Swapped in a new NPD cylinder that I picked up on my way home from work, filled and bled the system and everything is good now.

the previous owner of my car was “helping” the power top, up and down. A cylinder was leaking, I bought a replacement, installed, filled system, bled and it works great now. I would be willing to bet you have a leak somewhere that needs to be addressed.