Cooling upgrades 69 351W

The Borgeson steering box and full Open Tracker Racing suspension/steering linkage upgrades are complete. Steering is very tight, and the front end responds beautifully to inputs and road changes. With all the good, I do have a cooling problem to solve. The Borgeson lines run up along the inner fenders and even with shielding, the system gets too hot and whines after driving for 20ish minutes in tight quarters with my factory 351W exhaust manifolds. I need to add a P/S cooler, and the engine runs a bit hot anyway, so I’m thinking about deleting the fluid fan clutch and fan and adding a more powerful and constant flow (for idling at lights) electric fan system. Any suggestions on fans and a vendor for the P/S cooler? As always, thanks in advance.

I am experiencing a very similar issue with my Borgeson PS steering unit overheating the power steering fluid. I switched to the Royal Purple Power Steering fluid which has helped but still need to change the fluid frequently. I already have a small power steering cooler mounted under the hood on my system and will be adding another as soon as I finish a project on another car. Summit Racing has multiple PS coolers. Here is one I am considering purchasing. This will be mounted in front of the radiator. Derale Cooling Products 13212 Derale Power Steering Cooler Kits | Summit Racing

Adding electric fans will require an upgraded electrical system. Typically this means a bigger alternator, bigger battery, and bigger wires to carry the load. Most electric fans are nowhere near the capacity of a stock engine driven fan. Having a stock engine driven fan and shroud will keep even the warmest engine cool.

Thanks to both of you. Looking at coolers now, and after I posted I remembered Don’s cooling video. I don’t know how old my fan clutch is, and the factory shroud is good, so I may replace the fan clutch first to see if that brings the engine temp down before considering the big block parts he used. (Edit: new clutch and the Derale kit are on the way.)