Correct battery cables for GT-E?


I see two types of repro Autolite battery cables available- a standard concours set and a heavy duty set. What type is correct, factory type, for the GT-E?


Well’. I may have answered my own question here! The cable from the starter relay to starter motor was the original cable and it was a ‘skinny’ cable, not the heavy duty types. Badly deteriorated from exhaust heat and amps. Identical to the ‘concours’ Scott Drake replacement. Battery terminal cables had been replaced. I figure that the car came out of the factory with the skinny version cables.

Just thought I’d revive this since I’ve been looking at them. I have two of the three original cables, but unfortunately the positive isn’t nice enough to reuse. The Scott Drake set appears to me to be spot on.

I recommend not buying any SD products if that is possible. Kevin Marti makes a great product here in the USA.

Didn’t find these on his website. I’d much rather buy from Marti.