Correct lower dash paint for 68 parchment int?

Quick question - my 68 is getting painted this week and the lower dash might get sprayed body color w/ clear coat (I thought it looked the same as the Polar White). But now I think that’s a mistake as it’s not supposed to be glossy. What’s the right kind of paint to use, and what’s the correct color for a parchment interior?

NPD AP-4595 in lacquer for hard surfaces or VP-4595 in SEM for vinyl. Those colors I quoted are Light Parchment, there is a dark parchment as well.

Ditzler paint #8775 is the only white color Ford list for a 68 interior/dash in semi gloss. A body shop supply or paint store can cross referance it over to a different brand of paint. I don’t know if that is correct color for a parchment interior, but I don’t see any other options.

The numbers Bob supplied are for painting the hard plastic interior pieces with lacquer and the vinyl dye number for the softer vinyl interior parts. Which are good to have as well.

Great info, thanks guys. Unfortunately it turns out I was too late anyway, it’s already been painted! But this will be a good reference for other people, or me if I decide to re-do it later.

The good news is, I actually am pretty happy with how it looks. White is pretty forgiving. We’ll see if I still like it when things go together. I will have to repair the steering wheel and get it painted to match (steering column is body color too now). The only thing I’m worried about is if the color is noticeably different from other interior pieces and clashes with the parchment.

Will post more pics of the fresh paint in my project thread. Thanks again for the help.

Interesting, so (on 67/68) the metal parts of the dash are a different color then the dash pad and plastic stuff?

Andrew I’m not sure what the correct color is but your lower dash looks great in the picture. With the rest of the car having a finish like that you’ll have one sweet ride when done!

Yes… On my XR7-G with maroon interior the lower dash and steering column color is charcoal black poly.

XR-7s should all have black (charcoal metallic) dashes and steering wheels/columns. This was done, I think, to give the interior more of a European look.

Yep, I should have clarified that I was talking about Standard, non-XR-7 Cougars. On Standard / Decor interiors, the lower dash / column and other pieces match the upholstery. Apparently the correct paint exists, I just didn’t know whether there was a definitive list somewhere of the paint codes or whatever.

I have seen a few cars with the lower dash painted body color and it looked stupid, but those usually were not the same color as the interior.

Scott Drake Accumatch Dark Red Metallic (L-5773) is a perfect match for my interior. You might take a look at their line.