Correct Oil Cap/Air Filter Unit 1967 GT - Non-CA

In researching under hood decals, emblems and the like, CougarCJ’s question about closed emissions on non-California motors in 1967 made me wonder if the PCV tube that runs from the oil filler cap to the air cleaner base was used on GTs that did not have the full CA emissions set up.

WCCC shows two oil caps with the nipple for the PVC hose to connect.

Now I’m quite sure that this one is for the full CA emission equipped motors with the tube pointing up:

But also list this cap as just “closed emissions”

My 67 XR7 GT was sold new in Colorado but had the hose but the time I got it. So were there 1967 GT motors that came with a PVC tube from oil cap to air cleaner that did not have the full CA emissions set up?

Pretty sure not correct but looks better than the 68+ Motorcraft cap that has been on there for years. Have a date coded cap to air cleaner base hose and proper clamps on order.

Not sure but think that with this set up (correct or not) there should also be a label on the top of the oil cap having to do with 3000 mile oil changes or something. Can someone confirm that chrome caps like these had a label applied?

How ever still wonder if they produced non-CA FE390s with a closed emissions oil cap/air cleaner base in 1967 as well as what would be corrected for a Colorado delivered May '67 Dearborn GT.