Correct water pump for production date of car

I have a 1969 cougar 428cj produced 9/23/68. What is the correct water pump. Is it c9ae 8505-A or c8ae . When did the larger bearing pump start being used? 69 model year or calendar year.

The casting date on the water pump needs to be at least a week prior to the engine being assembled. The engine block is stamped on the side at the rear with the date it was assembled at Dearborn Engine Plant. Look for a date stamp like this:
block assembly date
This one is 8E 13 E.

I found a C8AE-8505-D

Thanks Royce, unfortunately I think I have a service block in this cougar. Couldn’t find the date.

Well if the car was produced Sept 23 then the water pump casting would have to be 6 - 8 weeks prior.

My next question is that going back to say 7-23-68 would the pump be a C9AE large bearing pump? Are all C9AE pumps large bearing?

I’m also trying to figure out the correct finish for the fender bolts. I’ve read different things. Is the correct finish for 1969 phosphate finish, cadium or zinc?