Costs out of control....?

So, with the Covid crisis , costs for everything has skyrocketed! Recently NPD put out the latest Cougar catalog. Prices went up (from last printed catalog of 2020) around $20 per item or more.

Recently I was looking for some glass. A crazy wide range of prices! From only $68 (ebay) to a crazy high of $300+ each.
One cougar vendor wants $539 to ship 4 pieces & a “crate” charge of another $200
If $739 for shipping is NOT a rip off I can’t imagine what would be more so?

I found the glass for just over 100 each and NO SHIPPING OR “CRATE” CHARGES!!!

So everybody, do a bit of searching and you can find places who don’t charge crazy amounts to line their own pockets taking advantage of us!

I’ve always tried to show the Cougar Community that they can save TONS of $$$ by shopping around. Good luck!


I feel bad aboug handing out some parts I had that were extra after my build. Sold for about $100bucks now seeing seel for $500 to $700… parts are definitely going up. Its sickening. I guess the opposite of that narrative is our classic cars are also skyrocketing in value so we dont complain too much about that haha

Shipping costs out of USA are ridiculous , 2 years ago i was quoted $146 usd to send a rear wing for my F150, six moths later went up to $546, then a year later was $749, now 6 months later i couldn’t guess what it may be now ?

In my world, shipping costs here inside the USA have gone ridiculous. The machines we build are heavy in the amount of steel 40,000 lbs and electronics. These two commodities have gone beyond ridiculous. I don’t even know what you would call it.

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What changed? Everything or just one thing? The dollar is becoming do diluted it will soon be transparent. For many people the dollar is falling faster than they can save it…if they can save any at all. It’s a time to invest in tangible or real things if you want to preserve worth.