Cougar added to my Ford collection.

I thought I had all the cars I wanted. When I retired I started looking for cars I had always admired. The first one I found was a 1957 Thunderbird and then I came across a 1959 Skyliner and I was on my way. Right after the '59 I discovered a pristine 1958 Sunliner which I just had to have. Then in some kind of order I bought a '63 Galaxie XL, 1964 Thunderbird, 1971 Thunderbird and a 1973 Mark IV. So, plenty of cars to work on and have fun with - right? Well, maybe not. After the buying frenzy I quit looking for something to acquire for 2 or 3 years and then I went to a car show. The guy parked next to my '58 said he was having to sell his cars and had a Cougar he wanted to sell. I thought I had all I wanted but then he sent me photos of a 1972 XR7 “Q” Code convertible that was always garaged and still in it’s original paint and he priced it extremely reasonably. Okay, long story shortened - my Fords now have a cousin living with them.

Welcome. A 72 Q code vert is a nice car. When you can, post pictures of your collection. I love them all.

You’ll love owning it. They are fantastic drivers and distinctively styled.

Congrats on the new addition.