Cougar by the numbers

I have the book, and nowhere does it tell how many 69 0r 70 Cougars came with the Drag-Pak or super Drag-Pak one would think that would be listed in the option section on page110 , but no. There were 2250 69 Elim built, how many came with the V or W rear gear? Anyone?

That option could be had on any Cougar with the 428CJ engine and Eliminators with the Boss 302. I recall some other options not being listed,. I think that was to save money producing the book and to help sell the production reports.

Some Deluxe Marti Reports show that information. Dave Wyras and or Mike Banks might have those numbers.
As a side note, I know that there were 53, 1969 R code XR7’s that had the drag pack option. Was not broken down by V or W though.

You can request a Marti Report with specific questions for your Eliminator, at an additional cost.

1970 Cougar Standard Hardtop
145 SCJ’s

  • 127 SCJ Eliminators
  • 18 SCJ Standard Hardtop (non-Eliminator)

    I have conflicting / unclear numbers for the 1969 Cougar Standard Hardtop SCJ’s;
    1 Marti for a Q-code SCJ that states: 229 with 428 SCJ Engine for the 1969 Cougar Hardtop (9F91Q575847 Marti from 2005)
    2 Marti’s for R-code SCJ’s that state: 132 with 428 SCJ Engine for the 1969 Cougar Hardtop (9R91R503130 Marti from 2012, and 9F91R549190 Marti from 2016)

I also have some other numbers, but I’d rather not post them since they don’t match either Marti Report above, and are unofficial / unconfirmed.

It seems we need some clarification from Marti to help get a clear answer for the '69 SCJ numbers, and to get to the bottom of the V / W gear numbers.

*Here is a copy of the Marti from Joe Valenti’s recent listing for 9F91Q575847. It states 25 1969 Cougar Standard Hardtop with 428CJ engine, automatic transmission, and 4.30 Traction Lok rear axle.

I would think that the 1969 numbers would reflect R code Drag pack and Q code Drag pack as different set of numbers.As we know all 70 CJ Cougars are Q code. But; as you state; Kevin is the only one who can clarify this. So I would think someone will need to pony up some money.

Here’s an idea: Spend $25 and get the Marti Report for your car. Then tell us all.

The production numbers for these cars is very surprisingly low.

Royce has a point - BUT you need to be strategic about it. And it will probably cost you more than $25.

The Deluxe Report costs $46. In that report you receive some basic production statistics.

You’ll even learn how many cars were made like yours! We provide the statistical analysis for your car’s model year & body style, sorted by:
•Exterior color
•Exterior/Interior comb.
•… plus one feature specific to the VIN (> selected by Marti Auto Works> )

Now, you COULD include a message in your purchase asking for a particular feature - like how many SCJ’s, or how many with 4.30’s.

Alternatively, you could purchase a Personalized Statistics Report for $60, which will break the car down to “1 of x” produced.

Again, I would include a message asking for the breakdown to be performed in a certain way so that you get the statistics you are interested in. But keep in mind, you are still at the mercy of Marti Auto Works to decide the best way to break down the stats.

The best way to get the statistics you REALLY want to know (i.e. “how many 1969 Eliminators were built with 4.30 rear axle ratios”, and “how many 1969 Eliminators with 428CJ were built with 3.91 rear axle ratios”) is to purchase Statistics Research;
^ this option is only available intermittantly, on a first-come-first-served basis. I believe they will send an estimated cost ahead of time, so you won’t be completely caught off-guard when the charges show up on your credit card.
I have heard from other folks that basic stat research runs $100 to $200 and depends largely on how complicated your question is.

Why is it everyone who gets a Marti thinks it should be all inclusive? You get what you pay for, no different then grocery shopping. The menu is straight forward. A Elite report is plainly spelled out as to its content. If you want more, pay more. With all the licenses he’s paid for, to build a successful business that is a benefit to us all, are they not worth the expense?

I have NO affiliation but definitely have benefited from my investment in their services. Has anyone not? I have used their service in varying degrees since the early 90’s, spent thousands, and have no regrets. It’s an individual decision but quite frankly, what are your alternatives? Ford 999?

I’m in, for anyone who paid to possess fact’s, period. I appreciate we have the opportunity.

Just my 2 cents

In 1969 there was 66 scj Rcode ram air drag pak Eliminators produced

There you go!!! Thanks

You would also need to know how many 1969 “Q” code drag pak Eliminators were built to have the “complete” answer.

My Marti report does not give me that info, just on R codes. That’s all I got!

My understanding is that there were 13 Q-code SCJ Eliminators in 1969.

Mike and others, there are a surprising number of available and very normal 1970 Cougar options that are missing the production numbers in Kevin’s book Cougar by the numbers. Maybe Kevin will do a Revision #2 with those new options included. We can only hope! Here are a few options that I noted as missing. If you know of others - feel free to comment, as my list is probably not 100% complete. Thanks!

Missing Options include: Drag Pak (V and W code), Traction Lock rear axle, Tinted Glass, Intermittent Wipers, Competition Handling, Appearance Protection, California Emissions.

You can add the Export options to the list;
Accessory Packaging
Touch-Up Kit
Touch-Up Kit & Export Decal
Metric Speedometer

Rim-Blow Steering Wheel was also available as a seperate option.

How about how many 1968’s with the 428cj and a 4:30 axle?

The book does not give numbers for rear axle ratios. But I bet it is only a few…

I have ordered the detailed personal report from marti so hopefully I will know the answer in another day or two.