Cougar Etiquette?

Hi all…
So… Looking at my new Cougar… I love the black top and black spoiler and (being an artist) feel it needs a touch of black on the front. I want to balance it out with a black hoodscoop.

Is there some sort of “cougar etiquette” where you don’t mess with the original styling of a cougar?

I want to make sure I’m not doing something stupid here for the sake of aesthetics.

Well, this is how I look at it. Do what you like with your car. After all, it is your car. There are no rules. I will say this. I have a 68 convertible. The wife was like let’s put on spoilers and a hood scoop. Jack it up and throw on some aluminum slots. Ugh!!! It’s a convertible! I grabbed a nice set of hub caps from West Coast Cougar and I am good to go. This car is a cruiser and I don’t want it looking tacky. But that is just me. In the end, you choose how you want your ride to look. The hell with rest of us. Just saying. :whistle:

I’d go with a body color scoop so it doesn’t look like an add-on, but it’s your car and you are the one it has to please. You’ll find that Cougar folk are open to all sorts of tasteful modifications.

I and others believe the sides of the grille bars should have been black to match the taillights. Factory is argent silver, the change is subtle and most people will not even notice.

I personally would not mess with the original styling, but I have come to respect all tastes - different strokes for different folks. You could always put a front chin / air dam spoiler and give it a touch of black. An easy and fairly affordable option…and no drilling into your hood!

Hoods are only available used. Nice ones are hard to find and getting pricey. Just something to think about before you decide.

Do it only your way! You car, money, time & love!

Did the “restoMod” over 20+ years ago. People love it or kinda “hate” it.

Me thinks the ones who dislike are the ones I passed on the track :wink:

Agreed. I was wanting a hood scoop until I thought about having to modify my hood. If hoods where more plentiful it I would feel different about it.

Thank you all. This is great.
When you mention hoods being pricey and only available used… you mean if I poke holes in mine to put the hood scoop on?

I agree with the do it your way crowd. My only thing would be to not put a hood scoop on if it was not functional.

Since we’ve had a few “its your car do what make you happy” sort of responses I think its a great time to remind you all of all the comments a couple weeks back of the Cougar with the Baby Buggy wheels and the protruding frame :think:

Ha Ha Ha

Maybe a question for Don, will the fiberglass hoods with the scoop made into it be available anytime soon? That could be a option.

While on the subject. Should I replace the weird asbestos type stuff UNDER the hood with something potentially less harmful?

Show us a picture. If you have an original hood blanket that is contoured to the hood and in good condition. Definitely not! If it is a flat repo blanket then it doesn’t matter.

Not to be a humbug - I agree with the “Its your car” philosophy - but you asked for opinions…
As an artist I’d suggest you only do things that enhance the aesthetics of the car. I don’t like rear spoilers on 67-8s.
To me a rear spoiler completely interrupts the line that flows so beautifully from the front of the car
to the rear - the line that is elegantly illuminated by the pinstripes. It was a special enough
line that the '67 Cougar was the first Ford car to receive factory pinstripes since the 1930s.

I would only do things the factory did with the graphics in '67 and '68. (Don’s suggestion of blacking out the
sides of the grill bars is a nice lean toward the GT-E treatment.)

XR-7G hood scoops are nice but they are becoming cliche. I don’t know of anyone who has extended
a GT-E black center stipe to the back of the hood, without having a scoop. That might make a nice, subtle addition of
black to the front of your car.

One of the beauties of a '67 is its simplicity. No side markers or rocker moldings - (no fake scoops!) - and on the XR-7,
there are those very tasteful little “gills.”

The design ain’t broke. Be sure not to fix it!



Thanks. I’m definitely going to take that under advisement.
Just the kind of feedback I was asking for.