Cougar floor mats

Just a curious question. I stopped at the local classic Mustang shop this weekend and the subject of factory style floor mats came up. Just like the Cougar the Mustang mats were pulled from the market by the Ford licensing program but unlike the Cougar mats the Mustang mats are available again. So my next question to him was, do they have the Ford license label and they did. So if this is the case with the floor mats and Ford backed off their stance, does this mean that there is just not a large enough demand for the mats or did the question never get asked as to being able to restart production.

From what I understand, the die is still available, but they feel the demand isn’t there. Don, If Im correct, has a way to get these made again, but it would take a person with some $$$ to be willing to buy up a batch and also willing to slowly sell off the supply, as long as it takes. I could sure use a set as well.

It’s all about the Benjamins… If you would like to invest in the inventory, you can make money doing it and help out a few of you Cougar brothers and sisters that would really like to be able to get some of these mats. (Make mine red please!)

X 2 on some red ones :wink:

Here is what was said on the investment topic covering the floor mats.

As Bill said:

Here is the thread topic:

So my question is this. How many sets does the manufacturer expect as a minimum to run a set in a color? From time to time we have all talked about wanting to get the floor mats. I know I want a red set for my red car. If we can get enough people together on this we may be able to pre-pay Don so he is not out the cash and have immediate sale so he is not holding inventory that he is then taxed on. Let’s go union style and organize on this and see if we can not get it done. Don please chime in with how many sets we would have to be pushing for this to fly :slight_smile:


If I take the plunge, I’m officially changing my username to “Black Floor Mat” Too bad my name isn’t Matt

I would be willing to "commit to 2 sets of Blue myself, I would probably also order a spare set of black and even consider red, to help out.

What often makes this such an issue is cougar part runs are small so prices are often higher than mustang prices and people back off from purchasing.

People often wait to order the part untl they “need” it. Which drives up costs and ties up already limited budgets from doing other projects.

You guys “almost” make me feel bad for hoarding three new sets of black mats and having new red ones in the G car. :flushme:

Im in for a set of black as well. I know of three other cougars in my area and I can check to see if they would be willing as well.

I can’t say whether I would buy any or not since I don’t know the cost. They might be a neat accessory, but I don’t see myself paying $125 for floor mats.

I’m with Al. I want a set of “correct” black floor mats, but I’m…frugal, and it isn’t really a need at this point. Maybe after I put in nice new carpet :problem:
Otherwise, I think at about $95 for a set of front and back, that would be a reasonable price if they are a decent reproduction.

I can see where you’d want them for a show car, but for a driver they aren’t very practical because water and slop just pools on them and runs off onto the carpet. I’ve got an original set that I don’t use just for that reason.

Pretty sure the last time a run was done they were fronts only for about $100 a pair so they would most likely cost more a decade later. It is painful being a Cougar owner isn’t it? What I liked about them is if you had decent original carpet with just a worn spot on the driver side you could hide the wear for less money than a carpet kit and a whole lot less work. These sell well for about $100+ so one would think OEM looking mats would at least bring as much, no?

Yeah, I guess I’m being a bit naive about the price for a set of floor mats. I’m beginning to sound like my Dad… “a hundred bucks for floor mats?!? I’ll give ya $5!” LOL!

I can see the problem with rubber / plastic mats pooling up. That doesn’t seem like much fun either.

I guess for now I’ll just have to live with my crummy old Rubbermaid floor mats (holy crap, how old are these things anyhow? LOL!).

I’ll stick with the paper ones for 10c apiece.

They do not wad up. Very heavy rubber with sharp tits, goes all the way to the rocker so the never budge an inch.

I have the ACC ones that WCCC sells, they fit well and are very nice.

I never put much thought into my mats. I paid $10 at a import store here in town. That was for front and back mats. I must say I like saving money but those walking Cougar carpeted mats that Don posted the link for look really good for the price. I might have to put them on my birthday wish list.

I had a set of the mustang ones in my Cougar back in the day. They fit well, were quite heavy and always stayed in place. I remember them having the cut out on the driver side so they could clear the floor mounted highbeam switch. They took a good scrub job without hurting them and cleaned up well. I don’t think they would be the best floor mat for a daily driver during the winter months but great quality for a weekend cruiser.

As a reference point, here are the Mustang ones that NPD sells for $67 for a set of 4. It’s tough being a Cougar owner sometimes!