Cougar model kit

I forgot I had this given to me by a coworker a few years ago, didn’t think too much of it at the time but am now wondering if it’s worth putting together or not. I know cougar models are somewhat hard to come by as it seems no one makes them anymore?. This one looks to be a reboot maybe? Not sure as I don’t follow the collectible side of things much.

I used to build a ton of models growing up but somehow never did a cougar. Still got all the supplies and little custom stuff to add realism to them but I’m sure most is too old to use now. I want to start getting back into building then again now that my son is getting to the age I think he might enjoy working on them together so we will probably build this one out at some point. Just curious how rare it may or may not be?

it looks like they go for about 50 dollars opened on ebay

From what I understand that mold still exists so I would expect that '69 Cougar to go back into production in various forms at some point. This company purchased the old AMT stuff along with several other model and die cast makers so keep an I out here:

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Nice! I remember some of those kits! Most of my model building days would have been late 80s early 90s. Still have several of my later ones that got saved through the years. Found memory’s of building them with my dad and want to do the same with my boys.

The 69 Cougar kit, which started as an XR 7, has been reissued many times over the years. There was a “Street Machine” version, molded in tan plastic, with a Boss 429, then later as a CJ428 and now the Eliminator. It was available in stores a couple of years ago and will probably be available again fairly soon. The 1973 Cougar kit also appears from time to time.

There were 1967 and 1968 kits available from AMT, 69 and 70 hardtops and 70 convertibles from MPC, and 71-72 hardtops from MPC. Most of these can be expensive to purchase.

Resin reproductions of the 67-68 and 70 cougars have been available from various aftermarket companies over the years.

The black hood scoop looks funny. It’s a re - issue as said above, if it makes you happy then build it. It’s worth maybe $20 more than a current in production kit.

Thanks for the backstory and history of these, seems to be not all that rare

Interesting how some of this stuff gains value. I found on old hotwheels bigfoot kit I had saved from my youth that still had a sticker on it for $6.99. I had opened it but never really played with it but stuck it back in the packaging. ebay says its worth $150 or so now, I stuck it in a display case in my kids room with a bunch of other hotwheels I had saved over the years.

I purchased a 69 Eliminator kit ad a model car show yesterday for $8.00.

They were rare when they were first released - still have a couple in their shipping boxes. There have been heaps of similar 69 Eliminator models released and re-released since. 3500 is still a low production count