Cougar news cruisers at KHJ Los Angeles

Growing up in LA, I always thought Boss Radio KHJ was the coolest radio station ever! Then I found this picture of the KHJ news team and their Cougar news cruisers! How cool is that? It’s at 3:00 in this video:

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That’s wild! Wonder what the story is there? Guess the station purchased 3 base '67 Cougars with styled steel wheels and used them as the “KHJ News Units”.

Also gave them custom LeMans stripes.

Very cool.

  • Phillip

Also born and raised in SoCal.
I remember The Real Don Steele was one of the DJ’s.
Also, around 4:30 there is a artist drawing of the building with a Cougar and what looks like an early Mustang.

KHJ Boss Radio! The Real Don Steele and Charlie Tuna were my favorites. I had missed the Cougar mobile news unit in the artist drawing - thanks! Like Phillip noted, they do look like base 67’s with styled steel wheels and rally stripes. A lot cooler than the vans, sedans, or station wagons most news crews drove. The old KHJ studio on Melrose is now where you go for the Paramount Pictures studio tour - we were there in July.

That’s really cool. I was born and raised in Riverside. I remember the names the real Don Steele and Charlie Tuna. I listened to K-earth 101 a lot. Then when I started smoking pot, I graduated to 95.5 KLOS and 94.7 KMET! I left SoCal at 18 and joined the military and have ended up out here in Idaho. A very smart move, I don’t miss California!!