Cougar research


I’m a owner of no Cougar at the moment even though I have desired one since 1975 when I was old enough to know how cool they are. I actually found a 1970 eliminator that was for sale, but that one was a long story so I’m looking anew.

My question is I would like to find a good, clean Eliminator that doesn’t require a Warren Buffet bank account.

Does anyone have good options and would love some advice between the 69 and 70 model and which is the best engine to look for. I don’t intend it to be show quality but do want it to look decent as I’m disabled and cannot work on cars anymore.

The car I almost bought was a 1970 eliminator, restored in last 7 years, automatic, 428 Cobra Jet engine and looked to be very clean.

Does anyone have experience with the OOdles ads?

My price range is between $18k and $25k for an exceptional cat. Any feedback from the community would be great…


“between $18-25k for an exceptional cat”… That is a tall order these days. That price range might get you a decent driver with a 351 / auto, but you will probably have to be very patient and be ready to pounce when one shows up. Anymore, presentable 351 Eliminators are being listed in the $30-35k range, and even those may require additional work :-/

I have no experience with Oodles ads, but if they are anything like Trovit and Automall then there are very likely a LOT of scam listings there.
If you have a link to a particular car you are considering, please share it (or message it to me) and we can discuss the pro’s / con’s of the car and price. Also, if it is a scam listing chances are very good that we can warn you and save you some time / effort.

In the meantime, please check out the Eliminators on the Market list posted in the Marketplace section of this forum. I compile this list monthly and add updates to it as new listings appear.

Thanks for the responses. Here looks to be a reasonably priced 70 eliminator from the Ooodles website. What would be the pitfalls of this car as many tend to pop up thAT interest me.


One pitfall is that’s clearly a scam. That car wouldn’t last 10 minutes if it was legit.

Take some time to learn the market on the car you’re looking for. Then you won’t waste your time on ads like this.


Other than it being a good deal, how does one know that a car is a scam? Should I look only at Hemmings or Classic or a website that would be more reputable?

the first pitfall is 175 views and nobody bought a car that going by the pics is $40-45K or a little more under value. thats the first scam sign.
if you are serious about buying an Eliminator talk to Mike he has a great pulse on the Eliminator market and may even know of a legit car for sale and hes not going to run out and buy the car from under you.
A 70 CJ Eliminator in need of a full resto is about 15K now days.
Try to find some guys in your area that know these cars and as Al said do some research
there are people out there who have no issues using or taking pics of a car they dont own listing it and collecting a few deposits

Ask the seller where the car is. When he says its at __________ you write back and say “That is right around the corner from my house. I can be there in 15 minutes.” He will suddenly have all kinds of excuses why the car can’t be seen. This fellow is trying to get you to wire a deposit so that he will get your money even though he doesn’t have any cars to sell. This is typical on poorly managed web sites like that one.

Aside from that the price is obviously about $70K or more short of where a car this nice would normally be priced.

Thanks community. Great words of wisdom.

Back to the car choice itself - what are preferences out there between the 351-C, 428 Cobra Jet, and even the 390 found in 1969 models?
Does any one have any recommendations for me?

Also, it looks like the difference between the 69 and 70 is mostly cosmetic, short of the engine choices?

If I have to change my reality clock on the price, it probably means more advice on power trains would be appreciated.


Ginger or Mary Ann? 1969 Eliminator or 1970 Eliminator? Everyone has their preferences. Personally I like the 1970 Eliminators better, mostly because of the color choices. If money were no object, Boss 302 or 428CJ. The ultimate 1970 Eliminator for me, would be a 1970 Competition Green, Q code with 4 speed, Ram Air, Black and white houndstooth decor interior, sunroof, console, P/S, PB, Tilt, and A/C.

In my opinion the 1969 390IP or S code engine ranks at the bottom. Same cost to rebuild as a Cobra Jet, makes the car nose heavy, much less powerful than the 1967-68 S code 390GT engines. Also, 1969 S code parts are very hard to find and costly if missing.

M code 351C-4V’s are good, they don’t like today’s available 91 octane fuel though.

I also prefer Mary Ann.

Hello Mike and CJ:

I too prefer Mary Ann. Mike, I e-mailed you communication about seeking your advice and awareness if you know of any good Eliminator’s to look at. In case my e-mail went to spam, I wanted you to be aware of that.

Thanks for the wisdom so far and I’ll continue my search with a greater eye to scam offers.


I like the engines in this order from best to least appealing - 428CJ, 390, 351W, 351C.

Nothing wrong with any of them but I prefer the big blocks followed by the Windsor based on power, ease of maintenance and parts availability.

The 351W is still being made today and has the most / best selection of aftermarket support, but in stock form it is a little down on power and has the worst water pump / timing chain cover design of all time.

The FE series engines are second in aftermarket support and have the easiest to service / best design water pump, oil pan and timing chain cover. Tons of aftermarket support and several manufacturers of cylinder heads, blocks, crankshafts for the FE.

The Cleveland had its supporters in the 1970’s but has fallen by the wayside in terms of new parts and aftermarket support. The water pump / front cover design is not quite as bad as a Windsor but not good either.

Hi Eric,

I’ll check for your email and get back to you.

Here is the real listing for the car in that link you provided…

It was sold by RK Motors a few months ago, listed for $129k. It was listed on their website and on eBay from July 2019 to Mar 2020.
Prior to that it was at Mecum Indy in May 2019 as Lot# R281. It bid to $67.5k, no sale, but sold afterwards for $85,250

In the link you sent there is a picture of a door tag showing the VIN: 0F91Q528269. If you Google the VIN you can sometimes get a little history on the car. In this case you can see that it shows up many times in the Classic Cougar Community forum.

Interestingly, you can also see it shows up TWICE on Automall-Online. Both listings show an impressively low price as well (sub-$20k). If you go to the actual Automall listings the pictures are of 2 different cars ~ one is a 351, one is the familiar CJ… but both have the same VIN? Scammer must have been tired to miss such an easy detail like that. Funny (not funny) thing is that the 351 listing is also a scam ~ that car is 0F91M531097 and is for sale at Gateway Classics.

Wow Mike.

I can’t believe people are so devious and that these types of scams exist…

Thanks so much as you cut right through the offering and now it makes perfect sense.

Moving ahead, I think the 428 engine will be out of my price range and the Boss 302 only comes with manual transmission (so I’ve heard) which leaves the 351-W or the 351-c in the 1970 model for cars.

Have you driven both and if so, which is the better choice? If the engine choices in the 69 model are better than feel free to offer me your opinion.

Hey, were you interviewed on you tube a few years ago at a show? Your car looked familiar…


if the 428 or boss engines are out of the price range the other engines in the 1969 Eliminator were the 351W-4v or a 390 4v . in 1970 the Eliminator came with the 351C engine other then the 428 or Boss

How do you plan on driving the car? Weight and balance may come into play in choosing a power plant


In terms of driving the car, I’m looking for a car quick off the line to satisfy my teenage tendencies. But I guess I’m looking for a car to be driven only in the summer months, reasonable maintenance requirements, and good acceleration both off the line and the quarter mile. So, I guess on balance a well rounded cat that drives like a muscle car should.

So it sound like your looking for torque and maybe to help out higher street gearing rather than something for the twisting, winding back roads.

Standard is to look and entertain all that come up for sale. This will provide you with experience and a process to compare and evaluate. With this a deal or best car will become apparent.

Hello Community:

Ive finally found a car that could work for me and would appreciate some insights from the group.

I know its not an original eliminator but I really only wanted a car that looks real and is fun to drive. It just popped up on Hemmings today.

Anyone have some ideas on inspections?


I see a number of things that are not quite right, like the door trim(cards), Drivers seat bottom looks a little tired, missing heat riser to the air cleaner missing, low quality trunk mat, Interment lenses are dull and a little foggy, Rear suspension does not look like it has been restored and has coil over shocks added, Radio bezel is showing it’s age with most all the Plastic chrome missing, Wood grain on the console is pealing off,
This being said, the exterior presents very well. It looks like it can be a fun car to drive and will get a lot of attention. If I were to be looking to buy this I would be looking to spent no more then $20K. Provided any rust repairs were done well. I woud expect to then start finding better door and quarter trim cards and fixing the rest of the items on my list above.

This is how the door tag brakes down, 9F91H555021
9, 1969
F, Dearborn assembly plant
91, Base Cougar 2 door hard top
H, 351 2V Windsor for 69.
555021, the 55012 scheduled to be built at Dearborn
65A, Standard Hardtop Cougar
Color D, Pastel Gray
2A, Black Decor Bucket seat interior
12G, Scheduled build date of July 12, 1969
16, Philadelphia sales district
6, 3.00 rear axle
X, FMX Automatic
Good luck.