Cougar Swap Meet time to throw in the towel?

We have been deluged with spam lately and not much else. I think it may be time to pull the plug. Anybody think otherwise?

Personally I have not been exposed/seen the spam, but I have noticed that the amount of items for sale/swap has dwindled down quite a bit over time. It’s too bad this is happening. I thought it was a good idea. Maybe make it part of the CCC website instead of a separate identity?

I haven’t had time to do any auctions for some time. I’m not sure if it is time to close it down. That would be your decision, but I do like to use it when I can.

My best guess is that this is a chicken and egg scenario. You have to have lots of listings to attract users, and you have to have a lot of users to attract listings. The Cougar community may be too small to really produce either.

I haven’t used it, I have things to list, just haven’t gotten around to it. I say keep it, it gives the site more creed.

The big question is the cost. If it’s cheap to keep it running then leave it. I was forced to list the stuff I had on there on ebay just so I could get rid of it. As much as I hate them, I did manage to sell a bunch of it. So it goes to show there are willing buyers out there. You just need to figure out how to point them to the site.

I have used it to get a couple things, I would like to see it continue, but if it is a hassle to maintain I understand. Would like to see more items on it. Newer to the Cougar world so don’t have much to post myself.


I use it on occasion and would be sorry to see it go. Is there any way you can get the IP address of the spammer(s) and find out where they are located? We could send a special team to take care of the problem.

Bill, any update on this? I have not been around much lately so I have not been on the auction site for several months, too many shows to be at and other things that took my time. I hope that you are able to keep the site. If you do I’ll post some more items.

Randy Goodling
CCOA #95