Cougars in movies, films, TV shows

Holy cow!! My wife just sent me this link, what a cool website, it has a huge database of cars that appear in movies and TV shows. Ranks them by how prominent a role the car played in the movie or specific episode. And you can sort by year too if you prefer.

20 pages worth of pictures of cougars in movies and TV shows?!?!

Yeah, it’s a really cool website. I stumbled across it when trying to remember if the car in the opening sequence of From Dusk Till Dawn was a cougar or not, and did a google search. Sure enough, there was the website, and my answer. Since then I’ve spent more than my share of time perusing to see which of my favorite cars were in what movies.

Side note, my first car was the exact same car (down to the color and V6 option) as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character John Kimble in Kindergarten Cop. Haha I don’t know why, but that always made me feel even more proud to drive it. “I’m a cop, you idiot!!”

That is a very cool website. I noticed a few first gen cats had their headlight doors open in daytime shots. Even in 1967 movies. I figure a new car should have had good vacuum actuators.

It’s only in one scene, but it’s a nice beauty shot of a red, '67 GT with factory styled steel wheels.

From the Beyond the Sea episode of the anthology show Black Mirror.

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Just saw that episode the other day.