courtesy lights inop.

Well, finally to the point with my 68 XR-7 that im reinstalling the interior and have run into some electrical bugs. Things that work are… headlights, taillights, all dash lights and the center console clock and radio lights. What don’t work and I cant figure it out are the turn signals, under dash lights, opera lights, door courtesy lights, and console dome light. Ive had this car apart for over 2 years and cant recall if the door and console dome lights worked or not. Im at the end of this restoration and can see the light at the end of the tunnel but, ive gotten really frustrated with the electrical issues. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. FYI I have wiring diagrams and everything seems to be connected properly. :wall:

Two simple things that you did not mention would be the fuses and the light bulbs. Have you checked the condition of those items?

The turn signals are an issue all on their own. It would be helpful to know exactly what they do and do not do. Your problem here could be the turn signal switch or any of the other many parts of this system. You say that the taillights work. What about the brake lights? What about the hazard lights? What exactly happens when you try to turn on either the left or right signal? Is the system in your car still the stock system? Or have you up graded to the aftermarket electronic style system? Coachjack is a good person to talk to on this subject however I think that even he will need more information to offer any possible help.

Randy Goodling
CCOA #95

All the fuses have been replaced and about 90% of the bulbs. The brake lights work fine and when I press the turn signal up or down literally nothing happens. The hazard lights also don’t work. I replaced the original unit with a solid state system.

Well, got the under dash, opera, and dome lights working. door panel and turn signals are still inop and now the heater blower isn’t working. Does this stuff every end? LOL. By the way I took the fuse block off the firewall and the rear connections are really corroded. I wire brushed them but I think replacing the terminals is really in order. Does the kit they offer on mustangs unlimited any good?


If your fuse block is at all questionable, I’d recommend replacing it with a good used one. The terminal replacement kits run about $30 and a good used one from WCC is only about $60.

As far as your turn signal issue, once you change the fuse block, you need to make sure you have power going to the turn signal switch and power going to the hazard/brake switch as they are fed from 2 independent circuits. You can find all of the information in my writeup:

Hope this helps

Coach Jack