Cowl Leak Test

Hey Folks,
Been thinking of doing a test to check for leaks from the cowl area. Obviously water is going to get in there, but where should it be coming out to ensure it is only doing what it was designed for? Just want to make sure that I don’t have any other issues going on. This is on my '69 convertible.

Guess your asking about a 69. Different years are designed differently.

On that year the water travels out to the ends of the top cowl panel down through the cowl side panels behind the fender and exits out of the that area just above where the fender (which covers this all ) attaches at the bottom rear corner if I recall correctly

  1. Turn on your garden hose.
  2. Have an assistant spray water from the garden hose into the cowl vents. Note - this is less messy if the car is outside the garage.
  3. Water should not enter the interior of the car. If this is true then the cowl drains and cowl integrity is good.

In addition to the cowls the windshields were prone to leak. Be sure to test separately so you don’t misdiagnose a leak.

So I read this and thought, “Wow that’s a funny, wise ass response.”

Then I saw Royce posted it and said, “Honey! Get the garden hose out.”

LOL. Much respect sir!

No humor intended - another way would be to pour water from a bucket into the cowl vent while monitoring inside the car.

Leave it out it in the rain. Check for a wet passenger floor.