Critter Creek Cougar?

Has anyone heard of these guys?
I was looking for headlight actuators and this showed up on search. I have not seen anyone talk about them just curious.

They have been around for a few years now and advertise all the time up here Canadian car sites. I talked to them once on a tach wiring problem I was having with my '69 Cyclone CJ and they seemed pretty knowledgeable. They claim to be one of the only companies around that rebuilds the vacuum headlight actuators for Cougars. Hope that helps!

That’s Mr. Vacuum Man as nearly as I can tell. I originally heard of him through WCCC as he did vacuum related rebuilds that WCCC sells, vacuum motors and such. Not cheap but very nice quality.

Yes! Darren Patras is an awesome guy. He and his wife Dallis are about as nice folks as you would ever want to talk to. I did a lot of business with them when I was doing my restoration. “Mr Vacuum Man” does great work!

There is a write up on Darren and Critter Creek Cougars in the February 2015 issue of Legendary Cougar Magazine

Great! Thanks I will give them a shout.

Critter Creek gets a “thumbs up” from me - I bought a Cougar from them and Darren and Dallis were great to work with.

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I just sold a 67 Comet quarter panel to The Mustang Shop in Calgary. Wow! Calgary is a hot-bed of classic iron.

So I ordered the actuators, I will let you all know.