Cruising through Clear Lake

Here’s a video from our recent club cruise in Clear Lake, Texas. We had four cars participate.


(I can never get the YouTube links to embed correctly. Sorry.)

Short Sweet to the point. Love the Cars and the Aircraft.

When I look at the level of restoration on aircraft, I feel inadequate…

When I was in the Air force I was assigned to NASA operations at Clear Lake and Ellington. I had a 73 XR7 convertible and started a Cougar club called the Gulf Coast Cougars. I had a couple of Cougar friends and it wasn’t long before we had about five cars in our little chapter. I retired in 1990 and moved back home to Smithville Texas and sold my Cougar. From that time on I do not know what ever happened to Gulf Coast Cougars. I still have to GCC logo someplace and after i get back home in October I will see if I can find it and post a picture of it.