Current projects June 2024

On my GT-E I was watching eBay for the past several years to find a standard NOS shift bezel Left is the NOS one I just got. On the right is one that I repainted and replaced the rubber on. It was pretty good but not quite good enough.

Another car I am working on for a customer is this 1969 XR-7 with 428CJ Ram Air, Automatic, 3.50 Traction Lok, A/C and tilt away. It was special ordered in Calypso Coral Orange with saddle leather. I painted the pinch weld blackout today.


Royce that would make a nice garage mate for my Calypso Coral Boss

Had to add the pinch well black out on a few “finished” cars. Just about impossible to to get them looking like the factory with all the right overspray on the floors with all the fuel lines and other things installed but the pinch weld at least don’t stand out, looking at the car from the side, just doing them.

Unfortunately this car came to me finished from a major restoration shop and the owner wants me to fix the problems. I can only do so much.

Ahh, the Ship of Theseus Paradox.