CVF Pulley System Clearance on 1970 Cougar

I am looking at a pulley system for my 1970 with 351c engine. Anyone have experience with the CVF system in this application and specifically any knowledge or experience regarding the fit. System would be alt/PS/AC system. Any information appreciated.

Which system are you looking at? They have a single belt or dual belt serpentine system I believe.

I was looking at both of those but was concerned about height of the installation of the two belt system.

This is on a 67. I chose the 2 belt system so I didn’t have to relocate the a/c compressor. Istalled pretty easily. Not sure about performance yet.

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That looks nice. I was a little concerned about the height of the compressor in the two pulley system but that looks good. Apart from the compressor, is the rest of your ac system factory?

Aluminum heads Sniper? Tell us more

No, it’s a Vintage Air system.

Had a local engine builder build a 351w to a 410 stroker. Aluminum heads but not sure what brand they are. I am using Sniper EFI and ignition system.


Iron 4v heads with a carb.