D1WB-AA Hood scoop(sold)

I just got this 1971 Cougar hood scoop. I would call the condition and close to grade A as can be found.

I only find chips in the paint, no damage to the base material.

It was originally Bright Lime Green, I think.

The underside details are crisp and clear. It did get painted Black at one time.

All edges are good.

It is missing one(1) nut.

The story behind this is was removed from a 1971 Cougar GT somewhere in the Puget Sound area in 1973. The guy I got it from was working in a service station when a young guy driving it if he wanted to sell the hood scoop off his car. He replied sure, $10.00 and you take it off. Form there it spent several years on his pickup then hanging in his shop.
It is for sale, Iā€™m asking $450.00 plus shipping. Shipping will include a wood crate to protect it in shipping. Pick up is also avalible in the northern Puget Sound area.


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