Dash / dashboard speaker replacement solutions?

I’ve searched but to no avail.

I pulled the dash speaker out and found the cone is basically disintegrated, touching it makes the paper crumble. It wasn’t hooked up anyway, so that’s no worry.

Looking for solutions I’m having a rough time finding good answers. I want to go stereo of course, since mono is not really a thing in music for a long time now. There seem to be two ways to get there, for car speakers in general. Single speakers that have stereo drivers in them, or two separate speakers mounted to a single plate right next to each other.

The best-looking option I found so far is the one on WCCC with two 3.5" kenwood drivers and a plate to house them, but from the looks of it the plate was designed wrong and actually leaves a gap between the mounting plate and the drivers, reducing its effectiveness as a baffle which would mess with the sound. Those same drivers are available on the net for $50 a pair, so, about half the cost. Right now I’m leaning toward buying a pair of them and making my own mounting plate out of wood. But that’s more of a plan I’m falling back on because I haven’t come across any good dual-driver speakers that claim to fit the Cougar mount.

What are the good solutions out there? What have folks done as far as replacing the dash speaker? I already have a pair of Jensens in the rear that came with the car which are fine, and I aim to put a pair/stereo speaker setup in the dash and be done, no pods in the kick panels or doors or firewall or anything like that. Curious to know what are the good options for the dash, other than buying a pair of 3.5" speakers and making my own bracket.

I bought the dash speakers for my 73 from WCCC, It didn’t have any previously installed from the PO. Since its a vert it only had the 2 door speakers so the side by side dash speaker setup gave me a left and right front control on the balance / fade. Since its you basic sony CD player without an additional amp its not going to blow your ear drums or let people 6 cars behind you at a stop light hear what your listening to but it serves the purpose. The mounting bracket (included) didn’t line up with the dash but I don’t think that’s a WCCC issue since it doesn’t seem there were any dash speaker mounting holes pre existing anyway. :smoke:

I made a bracket up to fit 2 x 4" speakers

Wow Leon that looks really nice! Is your car an AC car? Mine isn’t so I’ve got the heater tubes to contend with, which if I understand correctly, AC cars don’t have?

Also I’m curious, I’ve got two threaded posts where the stock speaker was mounted, which I think is what prevents me from going with two 4’s unless I remove those posts. Did you run into that issue? If so, did you just remove the posts?

I did a similar treatment to Leon’s. I can’t remember the exact size. I’m thinking 3.5". It attaches to the two threaded studs you refer to. I also have 5" rounds in the factory kick panel pods and 7X10s in the rear. One amp drives the 4 fronts and another amp drives the rears.

I used this in my 69: http://www.mustangsunlimited.com/itemdy00.asp?T1=DS14A+01

the mounts are bent in a U shape so the end pieces bolt to the threaded sike. the speakers are then bolted together and screwed to the end pieces Yes it is an a/c car

This might be an obvious question, but I presume that I need to remove the dash to install these speakers. Is that right? (I have been holding off on installing under dash speakers until I fix/replace on my dash.)

yep … dash has to come out

I did mine through the opening behind the center AC vents in the dash. My dash has NEVER been out of the car.

Yeah, yeah, yeah…braggart… :poke:

I got my dash speaker out by removing the two dash panels (driver side and passenger side) and then taking it out through the hole near the center of the dash area where the toggle switches were (xr7).

If its possible to get the passenger side dash panel off without removing the driver’s side, that’d be a pretty easy way to go.

Do you have a smartphone? Why not just get a portable speaker set up from jawbone and blue tooth any music you want into it? With iheart radio you can even have a “radio” in the car, not just your itunes. Just a thought. A ton less tearing of stuff apart and you can leave it stock/original.

I am all about cassette. I’m replacing a cassette radio with a new cassette radio, one that’s much nicer and also has an aux in. I will for sure hook up my phone to play MP3’s, but the vast majority of my radio listening will be cassette. I have no issue with replacing the disintegrated original dash speaker with a pair of modern speakers. Just wanna know what options are out there other than a pair of 3.5’s, that’s all! And curious to see how people set theirs up, what sorta plates they’re using etc.

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What is the factory speaker size for the dash speaker? 4x6?

It’s wider than that, it’s a goofy shape that isn’t common today at all. You can probably find the dimensions by searching on the WCCC site.

It’s more than 7" wide, I know, since two 3.5" speakers fit side by side. Here is a pic of what I ended up doing, I made a mounting baffle out of wood

You could use decent kick panel speakers, and just to be different, add these into the dash for fill:


That’s good to know. I do not want to remove my dash pad under any circumstances!