dash LED'S

I am going to replace the dash lights in my 69 Cougar with led’s and would like to know if I should use white or blue?
Since red is recommended with tail lights, and dash lights have blue diffusers, just wondering!

I used the blue ones from The Mustang Project, http://www.mustangproject.com/

I removed the diffusers, however.

Here is what white looks like with new blue diffusers. Ours can be dimmed but most cannot and I think that is important because at times they look too bright.


I have the white ones with new blue diffusers and am very happy with the look. Looks way better than the old incandescent and foggy diffusers. Gives it a clean, crisp, new look.

I’d be curious to see what the blue bulbs look like, probably more of a true blue. The white bulbs through blue filters are kind of a pale blue.

The original lamps put out a yellowish color light. When this passes through the blue diffuser it produces a green color. The LEDs produce white light, that becomes blue when passing through the diffuser.

I went with the WCCC kit. So glad I did. It’s as simple as that. Good luck.

Thanks to all who responded, will be a while before I pull the cluster.

When you do, try to do ANYTHING you have ever wanted to do while the dash is out. Take notice of the speedo cable. I have a small twist in it now which causes the speedo needle to have a small bounce at slow speeds. Next time she is apart I’ll take care of that.

Is it really a tricky job to get at the bulbs then?

Don - I have a standard '70. I’m getting ready to pull my dash, and while I have it off I want to replace all instrument lights with LED’s. Your set comes with 13 bulbs. Two are green, which I assume are the turn signal lights. There are 5 yellow bulbs and 6 reds. Can you tell me what they are for? Am I correct that the LED’s still require use of the diffusers? If so, I also plan to replace all of the diffusers. Can you tell me what color and how many of each diffuser I need? I’d like to keep the factory colors. Thanks.

While you have the dash out, put LED’s in the clock,( if you have one) radio and heater.

Our site will explain how many diffusers you need, I would stick with factory blue.


Farmerpete, you are correct the two green lights are for turn, the five yellow (they are actually a white light) are for the dash back lights, if you use the blue diffusers you will get a clean blue look, with no diffusers you will get a bright white look. The six red are for 1. Alt charge light 2. park light 3. high beam 4.oil press light 5.brake press and if you had an XR7 6. seat belt or lights on. With your standard you will not use the 6th red bulb.