Dash Pad and Headliner: Repair or Replace?

I need some opinions regarding the interior of my '67. My original dash pad has some patches that have lost their sheen. Otherwise, no warping or cracks. I could try to pull it out and dye it, but I’m afraid I’ll damage the foam in the process and I have no idea how much longer the vinyl will hold up.

Also, my original headliner has a ~2.5" tear above the driver’s side window. I might be able to patch it up with some backing material, but I’ll have the windshield out soon. If I’m going to replace it, this is the time.

So… is there any value in having the original parts, or are the reproductions indiscernible? Repair or replace… what would you do?

I’d dye the dash. Most of the currently available dash pads don’t fit very well. One thing you can control is fit.

I’d replace the headliner. It will give you a good opportunity to get new glass gaskets if they’re original.

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Thanks for the advice, I think that’s what I’ll do… I’ll replace the headliner and window gaskets and I’ll see if I can get the dash out to dye it without messing it all up. Worst case, I’d just be buying a new one anyway.

I agree with EC on both. I finished installing the headliner in my 69 a few months ago, and although an upholstery shop may have had a few less tiny wrinkles on the edges, doing it myself was very gratifying. The rubber glass seals are a must replace unless yours are relatively new and can be reused.

69 backlite gasket - very similar to any other year

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