Date code on Holley carburetor?

I have a question about the date coding on a Holley 600 cfm carburetor - C8OF-9510-D. Would a date code of 7B4 be correct for a 1968 Cougar XR7 GT produced on 12/19/1967?

I understand that 7B4 means the 4th week of December 1967. Logic seems to indicate that the 19th would be the 3rd week of December using Sunday as the first day of a week in the count.



I would think that the date is a little too close to the actual build date of the car for a carb. I’ve seen sheet metal within 9 days of the build of the car and engine components within 2 to 3 weeks of the build date of cars. My opinion only.

Could you explain how you get December out of 7B4, to me it seems it should be 1967 feb 4.

3 character Holley date codes are year month week. For month the characters 1 through 9 is January through September, 0 is October, A is November and B is December.

The stirke in '67 ended in late October. I would look at the bucked date to see if the car was started after the strike or before. They took most of the incomplete cars off the line and then completed them in the rework areas. Lots of parts were borrowed from incomplete cars in order to get the line running again. It took time for the supplier base to get back on line and to get things shipped. Cars bucked just before the strike can have some pretty odd part combinations.

That is good to know. Thanks :beerchug: