Dealer info from Texas?

So I have been working a lot of overtime this year, and sadly it appears that I will in to next year. So while I have made some good progress on projects in 2022, I will have a lot more progress to be made, in 23. Wow, 2023! For a guy born in 1965 that seems impossible. Anyway, I made a road trip to Idaho in November, to deliver a 460, and collect a few small parts for my convertible. The trunk lid on the car has a LOT of putty in it, and so I grabbed a spare while I was out west. The new one appears to be in markedly better shape, but has a dealer sales plate, or a couple of holes for a dealer sales plate, on the left rear. I’d be interested to know what the dealers tag would have looked like in 1970-Or if it would be better to just repair and fill the holes that are in the trunk. Does anyone on here have any info on a good used car sold by Jacobe- Pearson LM, in Houston?

Hi Woodsnake. I read your post with interest, especially the part about the dealer sales plate / plaque that was quite often made of metal ( pot metal for sure as they quickly pitted and the attaching pins fell off ). These were affixed to the trunk of many new cars. And yes they drilled holes into the trunk lid to attach these things. Later versions were metal foil stickers.
I looked on the internet for any images of what a plaque from Jacobe-Pearson might have looked like, and nothing came up, except this link to Car dealerships of Houston ( in the 40’s through the 70’s ). Might have been worth adding a topic to the thread to say you are looking for some information / images, but it looks like its ‘closed’ ?

One guy in the thread ( John C. - “automotive historian” ) has a HUGE list of all the dealerships in the Houston area. It’s amazing, and here’s a quote from him : “Remember looking at all of the metal dealer emblem tags and sticker emblazoned on the back bumper and trunk lids of cars? Dealer’s from the 1960s thru early 1980s……” Amazing reading, to say the least !

Thanks for the info! I sent them an email, if I get any good info back I will post it here.