December 2019 Ride of the Month Nominations are now open!

Please make an effort to let the nominees know they have been nominated and make sure they are interested in participating. If they are not interested PLEASE DO NOT NOMINATE THEM.


This thread is where you will put nominations for the

December 2019 Ride of the Month!

All you need to do is to identify the car and the owner. A picture of the car would be helpful if you can locate one.

As a reminder, here is how it works:

You can nominate any Cougar, even your own. All nominations must be seconded.

We will nominate cars until the 27th of the month, then vote from the 27th to the 2nd of the following month, and announce the winner.

A new thread honoring the winner will go up just as quickly afterwards as possible. Then we start all over again.

The winning car will be pictured at the top of the Forums header for the month.

Pick me please!

I’ve been a cougar fanatic for over 40 years now. Over the years, I’ve owned an eliminator and a couple XR-7 convertibles. 10 years ago i bought a nice XR-7 driver and stripped it down to bare metal to build my dream XR-7 resto mod.

I second the nomination

Not that 69XR7Restomod’s car isn’t a great car and probably has an interesting story, but a vote would be nice this month. Anyone else have a car they are thinking about? Thought about mine, but I had someone else in mind. I have to reach out to him yet so I won’t throw a picture up. It would be Mike’s Madras Blue 68 with EFI conversion in the project forum by mfc133. IDK if he has ever been ROM.

Guess I can’t do that he was June 2018 ROM :slight_smile:

This day had to come eventually. We’re running out of rides.

Can add my Sage Gold 67 GT. I got it road worthy just in time to put it away for the winter.

I’ll second Brian’s Sage Gold 67 GT.

Heck why not make it a real month of self nominations.
Anyone want to second?

I’ll 2nd David’s '67 S code.

Now it’s a party!


How about Royce’s 1968 XR7 428 Cobra Jet equipped cougar…


Royce already won.