Decode new cougar owners purchase

Hey guys thanks for helping decode my 68 cougar; now my daughter was wondering if you could help her decode hers ( hoping it’s not too far gone to save). 68 cougar VIN 8F91J548762. Body 65A. Color A. Trim 2A date 06C D.S.O.(?) 22
Axle 5 Trans W

Pretty neat car. Black exterior with a black standard interior. Ordered from the Dallas, TX district, 3.00 open rear, C4 Automatic, and a 302-4V engine.

Thanks Royce It’s factory A/C car with front disc and console car total untouched and not a dent but floors are really gone hope we can save her

Royce what is the best thing to clean the rear red lens on the tail lights

I use Meguiars Cleaner Wax on the lenses.