Decoding Ford/Mercury Casting Numbers

Hey All,

I’m sure you been asked this a million times, so I’ll be the million and one! Does anyone have a good resource for decoding the casting numbers on ford parts? I have the tag and data plate book from Kevin Marti, but is there a good relaible source for figuring out the casting numbers? There are some web sites with what appears to be ‘general type’ information, but not really telling me what I need to know. I’m asking because I believe the engine block in my cougar is not the block it would have come out with. For example, one web site showed this number, C90E-6015-B as a verified number for a 69-'70 351W Shelby GT350. Others show it to be most likley from a Fairlane or Torino.

Thanks, Trixie

My book tells me C90E-B is the only 351W casting used in 1969-1970.

Trixie, There were not unique casting numbers for things like engine blocks. That is that the same block could have been used for any application of the engine at the time. So sometimes what you read is kind of misleading: Like: “C90E-6015-B as a verified number for a 69-'70 351W Shelby GT350” This doesn’t mean that the block was only used for that car, it means that that is the right block FOR that car.

Trixie, I agree with Bill also. My car has it original drivetrain with the VIN stamped on the block and transmission and the block has a C8OE-6015-A casting number on it. John

I like this site for deciphering numbers:

That website is full of poo concerning FE casting numbers for blocks and heads. Someone copied all the bad information from the classic bad information book “How to rebuild your Ford Big Block FE” by Steve Christ.

You cannot establish what car line a block was installed in by the casting number. In the case of Ford FE engines you also cannot determine the cubic inch displacement by any casting numbers.

I’m sure there’s inaccuracies as there is with a lot of sources. But what I’ve looked up there I was able to verify as correct other places.