Decor door panel trim pieces?

I found a pair of decor door panels that I think will work for my convertible, as I have none, right now. One of them however, is missing the square border, that goes around the wood trim. I tried to look at WCCC, and NPD, and I didn’t see anything. Are these available as a single item new, or only used? I think I have one extra cat that goes in the wood trim, but I may need one of those, too…

Used - they show up on fleabay occasionally.

Call WCCC or johns classic cougars, they should have these in stock used. Not sure of condition but i`m sure they must have these from door panels they removed that were trashed …


I checked with West Coast, they didn’t have any of the surrounds- I will put in a parts wanted, and check with John’s

not me,

Thanks for posting, but I found a pair of panels. I need the wood trim square piece, for a 70-