Diagnosing body damage on the driver's side (69)

At a local club picnic, I was asking one of the vets about my door issues, and he thinks it is likely a bad quarter repair. The door itself also looks off to me and there are putty worms under the center crease below the door handle that I noticed when working on my windows, so it may be a combination issue. The driver fender was replaced at some point, and the A pillar may also have been affected, but I don’t have any history to know what, or how many times these panels were worked.

The door measures 47 1/2" across the top crease, 53" along the middle descending crease, and 49 5/8 along the bottom. Can someone with a good door confirm these are correct? I’m hoping it is a bad skin/door repair and not the quarter, but I think my friend is probably right and the jam was reworked. I also think some of the fitment may be attributable to hinges, but if I can confirm the door is bad, I’ll rebuild/replace those when I find a replacement.

Thanks as always for your time and attention.

Door gap to quarter panel

Door gap to fender

Rear door edge to quarter fitment issues