Diagnosing sequential blinker quirks

Hi guys, I’m restoring a family heirloom, I’ve got it running really nicely and I’ve begun to work on my lights. Yesterday I received the plasma LED conversion kit from West Coast cougar. I installed it and everything is working kinda sorta. Here are the problems I’m having

  • when my driver side blinker is on the passenger side lights up dimly and flashes as if my hazards are on. The same thing happens on the driver side when I turn on my passenger side blinkers

  • when I have my markers on my turn signals work perfectly except they do not sequence

The second issue does not bother me as I can still drive it like that, but I would like to address the first issue so I can get it on the road. Any thoughts to what it could be or how to diagnose? My thoughts are a faulty turn signal switch although I’m just guessing and could very well be wrong.

PS It’s 71 Base Model

The systems are quite different from year to year. What year is your Cougar? I think we posted at the same time… Thanks. I don’t know much about the '71 though.

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Yes it’s a 1971. And that’s alright I’m just listening to any thoughts you guys might have on here

Did you watch the video on the WCCC website ? Very informative especially on the phat cats 71/73.

Did you replace the flasher cans with the new LED flashers? On a 73 you need 2, one for hazards and one for turn signals. They are polarity sensitive, that kicked my butt until I re-read the flasher instructions lol

Did you replace the front turn signals with LED?

Did you replace the marker lights with LED?