Did Mercury in 67 make 2 types of Dog Dish Hubcats?

Hello All,

I am getting ready to install some dog dish caps on my early 67 GT, Dec 6, 1966. The set of 5 that I received from the Original owner has Argent paint and they are all grade A condition. Recently I received a second set that I purchased and they are Black in paints. I have a set of 4-5 nice ones but some of the black is chipping.

I believe my Argent ones are correct on a black steel wheel and no trim ring.

Thoughts- Did Mercury use both types?

Thanks for the input.
Argent set of DD.jpg
Black DD with some chips.jpg
Black DD.jpg
Argent paint chip.jpg

I had a '68 and they were all black like the ones that you pictured. Maybe a difference between model years?

Thanks Royce! I appreciate the feed back

What I know for sure is that the full size Mercury for1966 used argent silver while 1967 used black. This might also be correct for Cougar.

Thanks XR7 - GRY. My 67 Cougar is an early one! Dec 6, 1966. I believe the set of 5 that I received from the original owner is correct in the argent color. Maybe latter in the year they went to the black as standard.

Im going to use the Black ones for the every day driving and save the mint Argent ones for another day.

Big Thanks to both of you.