Difference in floor pan replacement parts-

I have the one piece floor pan for my 70 vert, and am getting very tired of walking around it in my garage! My question is, that the outside edge on the part, goes ‘down’. When I got the part, Colorado Mustang mentioned that they thought perhaps that the edge should go ‘up’- Can anyone confirm, or deny? On the one hand once it’s installed, you won’t be able see it. On the other hand, if you can’t install it until after you flip it, that will be a PITA. Thanks,

Sounds like you have a floor pan for a coupe. I haven’t seen true convertible floor pans for sale. The convertibles use a flat edge that welds to the bottom of the additional inner rocker panel. You will likely have to cut off the bent flange off for the installation. I had to do that with my vert when I did full length pans. Measure the distance from the inner rocker to the inner rocker on the other side, and then measure the new floor pan width. You’ll probably see the distance between the flange matches. Take a good look at the car and clean the area near the inner rocker and you should see where the existing pan is welded. The pans I saw are also based on the 69 floor pans and do not have the manual shifter bump out on the transmission hump. Measure the position of the seat bases before cutting everything apart and make sure you brace the crap out of the car to keep it from twisting during the replacement. Verts are not very strong when the floors are removed since they have no roof support.

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You have to trim the flange off. Make sure it’s a 70 floor by confirming the hump on the left side of the tunnel by the shifter hole. Here’s how we braced when we replaced the floor and rockers.

Awesome, thanks! Now I have a better understanding of what it will take to get the floor replaced-

Unless somebody has started making Cougar floor pans, you will have some fabrication to do in the rear by the wheel tubs. In this picture the cardboard template is the shape of the Mustang floor pan sat on a Cougar floor. In the case of my Cougar I was able to leave that portion of the original floor pan and do a but splice on the ling straight edge.

Also, unless someone has started making 1970 correct pans you will not have the hump by the shifter ad noted by 70scj4spvert. Most reproduction pans are not correct for any year, but are close for 7 to 69. But fit 70’s. In my case, I was OK with that, but woud have liked to have a closer to correct option.

This is the pan that I have-

And these are the floors in my 70- I have no problem just using the one piece as a donor, or rather the shop that gets the job doing it. I have just been reading and watching the forums for a long time, and it seems the most common statement at the end of the day has been to “just replace the whole thing”-