Differences in the 1971 and the 1969/70 Hood scoops

As I have a 1971 Hood scoop to compare to my 1969/70 hood scoops I though I would post what I found different between them.

The 1971 Hood scoop was redesigned to fit the hood of the 71 Cougar. It is about he same length as the earlier hood scoops and look the same. But is not as wide.

Across the front is is about 19 5/16 where the 69/70 is 20 5/8.

The rear is 24 1/4 inch where the 69/70 is about 25 1/8.

Where the length is about 26 1/16 for both.
I hope this info is helpful to others looking for a correct hood scoop for a 1971/72/72 Cougar.


As I was standing in line today to ship the 71 hood scoop off to it’s new home, I got to thinking about how rare this part is. So when I got home I looked up the number of 71 429CJ Ram Air and 71.72 GTs were built. The 429CJ Ram air part is easy. a total of 231 were built. The 71 GT was also easy with 787 built. But CBTN does not note how many 72 GT’s were built. So as far as I can tell for 1971 1018 Cougars left the factory with a hood scoop.
If anybody has the number of 1972 GT’s please let me know. I’d love to add it here.

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