Disc brake conversion spindles

I’m converting my front drums to disc brakes on my 68 cougar. Can I use the same spindles??

thx Steve

Yes, your drum brake spindles will work with the OE Kelsey-Hayes style 4 piston disc brakes and various Wilwood conversions.

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Thx Springman. I appreciate the answer.

I did the same years ago. I also switched to power brakes, where you need a different pickup point on the brake pedal beam. My learning experience, however is that after the swap the rear brakes had waayyyy to much bias. I put in an adjustable proportioning valve to balance to where the rear brakes didn’t lock up. After that, I could never really find a pad compound with enough friction coefficient to lock up the fronts. My final solution was rear disks. There’s still more rear bias, however less so than with the drums. Now I have high torque on both fronts and backs. One day I’ll look for rear pads with a bit lower COF to balance even better.

Thinking that 67 works but 68 doesn’t. Don Rush or Royce might be certain. I’m easily wrong

67 - 69 drum brake spindles are all the same. Any of them can be converted using either the aftermarket kits or the 4 piston original type calipers.

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the early 70s Granada conversion kits were also easy and effective (single floating piston design). I have a couple of sets of OEM calipers, however I’m happy with what I have; especially now that WCCC found a reasonably priced builder of the OEM boosters.

My car had a Granada conversion done but wanted something better, kept the spindles and used a willwood kit for 69-70 mustang. The difference is the size of the wheel bearings

67 factory discs were the 4-piston Kelsey Hayes calipers and used the same spindle disc or drum. 68-73 factory disc brakes used the single piston floating caliper and had a disc brake specific spindle.

Dan @ Chockostang has a bolt-on kit that uses the 4 piston caliper on your factory '68 drum spindle. He’s a great resource and a straight shooter.