Does the Shelby roll bar fit a 69 Cougar convertible - i have the answer!

I have been asked about the roll bar ( “Style bar”) on my 1969 Convertible.
I had been reluctant to post as the previous format wouldn’t allow me to post photos, but this new system its a breeze.

When i first looked for my car i had a few things in my mind i wanted for it.
1/ had to be a 69 Convertible.
2/ wanted it blue,
3/ will get Magnum 500 wheels.
4/ fit a Shelby “style bar”

i soon achieved the first 3 but i was in doubt about the last wish list.
The only place to sell them was Tony Debranda Shelby parts.

I contacted them, but they couldn’t tell me for sure a Shelby/Mustang Style bar will fit a Cougar.
He said it probably will but don’t know for sure.

After a bit sole searching, i added up what i did know.
The back seats fit in both,
The 1/4 Trim panels fit,
Both cars under the exterior panels were essentially the same,
The back end was the same albeit a few inches longer.
The window regulators are the same.
SO, i grit-my teeth, and paid up and wieght for it to arrive.
The kit was about $1250usd plus shipping and taxes etc, ended up owing over $2000nzd.
In the kit you supposedly get every thing you need, but!


In the instructions it says to cut the top 4” off my 1/4 trm panels, but mine were to good to cut up.

After a bit of trolling on their online catalogue, i found they had the panels already made, so no need to cut up any thing !

When i unpacked the kit, i concluded i will need to paint the black panels the same colour as the existing upholstery.
Thinking about that, i thought that if it got scratched i would be an ugly black mark.
Made the decision to have it covered, and the trimmer i chose had exactly the same material
so all was looking good.
In fact i gave him the whole job to do…!
In the kit you will see some 90d steal tabs to locate the bar, but i felt they were a bit light weight .
So he fabricated some thing more substantial.

To make a long story shorter, after a bit push and pull, it came together well.


That looks fabulous. Very nice job!

Well done sir, well done!

Very nice indeed. The covering on the panels came out sweet.

That looks great! I really like it.

Very cool!

Want to sell those original panels?

Looks amazing - great work!

Ok, quick test……

if you fit the trim panels first, how do you fasten the bar supports ?

If you fasten the bar supports, then how do you then get the trim panels in place…?

halve a chocolate fish to who works it out !!….:thinking:

That is mint!

Brave doing that from across the ditch

Bummer is that I would have to loose my three point lap sash front belts to do that.

Weighing up risks, in the Adelaide Hills I have a bigger chance of a “flat-lander” failing to take a bend (thus frontal) than I would have rolling the car.

Please don’t tell me you had to put a high mount stop light to register the car!

We cant call it a roll bar cas it doesn’t provide enough structural support for a roll over, so thats why they call it a “style bar “ .

Yes they made me put in a Hi stop light on the trunk lid,
But another 69 Cougar just like mine came in to the country a bit sooner , with out needing one ???

I think factory fitted Shelbys had location point’s on the bars for 5 point harness ?