Door Latches stuck shut

Hi all, I’ve wanted one of these beauties ever since I was young. I bought 1967 a few weeks ago on craigslist that drives and looks pretty straight but needs work. As I can’t always park it in a garage I decided to start with the seals. This has turned into me taking the doors completely apart. Changing the regulators, handles and locks.

I’m now having trouble with the latches. Both the outer handle and inner handle can’t seem to open it. I took the latches out. Cleaned them with WD-40, then rinsed them in 99% isopropyl alcohol, re-greased them and am still encountering the issue. I’ve watched countless videos online and can’t seem to figure them out. The CAM follower/bottom latch doesn’t seem to actuate every time. Should I buy new lathes or is there something I’m overlooking. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I tried searching for threads and saw people have issues but can’t seem to find a fix. I’m ready to drop the windows and vent glass back in but want to get this sorted out before I put everything in. Thanks in advance.

You probably have the door handle button and / or the interior door handle lever adjusted slightly too tight. The button being even slightly depressed or the handle being even slightly lifted will prevent being able to unlock the door. All the adjustments have to be spot on or you will have this problem.

It can also happen if dirt or rust gets inside the mechanism, keeping one of the actions from completely retracting.

Another thing to look at would be to see if the little spring that is on the latch is still in place. They are known to break and if broken can cause this type of problem.

Randy Goodling
CCOA #95

The interior door latch rod is adjusted too tight.

It sounds like you’ve been able to get the door open but the attached thread may give some other background including a tool to get the door open if needed

I can open the door from the inside and pull the whole mechanism out. It works well when its out of the car. Does someone have a photo of the good spring vs. broken spring? Would a reproduction work better?

The repro spring is stainless so it will not rust. Look very carefully at this joint, it often wears completely through on the DS.

Thanks for the input. I’ve spent way to long struggling with this and just put in an order for new reproduction ones. Thank you.

I pulled it back out and took a proper look. It looks to be blown through assuming it’s supposed to be just a hole… Is there a way to post pics without picture hosting?

Just drag them into the message area.

I got the new latches in from WCCC and the drivers side works great. The passenger side is still occasionally sticking. Could it be the handle rod is screwed to far up or down?

Yes. As mentioned previously.