Double build sheet CJ convert

The 1969 XR-7 Convertible I had for sale has been sold. The new owner is having me do the restoration work.
I pulled the carpet and found this


That’s pretty awesome. There is a very useful article on the Concours Mustang website on how to restore build sheets.

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Thanks Royce! I recall seeing that article (or something similar like 20 years ago) and the owner is going to do just that. I hope to see it posted or a copy for my reference soon. Keep up your work as it inspires many working on their Cats and helps them ( and me) too.

Wow, that’s awesome!

Nice find! You will be amazed at how clean you can get them by soaking in wax and grease remover. Are they duplicates, or is one of them blank?

I found one in the exact same place and condition in my car, but it was blank. I found a partial second one taped to the drivers door under the door panel, and this one had the correct build data for my car on it. Seems they were liable to end up just about anywhere.

After soaking it in wax and grease remover, the thin paper kind of fell apart. I pieced together as much as possible then mounted it on a sheet of typing paper and then laminated it. Not perfect. Would it have been worth it to send it someplace to be professionally restored?? Maybe.

It came out really well.

Update: First pics of the color!


Great work, and fast!

I am still amazed on how quickly the 2 guys get the cars done. metal work took a few months & body& paint was just 3 months. Took me over 20 years to find these great people & the amazing work. They have done Porsche’s for the likes of Jay leno, Jerry Stienfield, and Chip Foose…

This is how these cars should be done- 6 months, now for the assembly!

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I really like that color alot!

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Love that color, after I sold my CJ Convertible, I bought a 390 convertible project just to get that color back.


Looking great Cougar Bill- she is coming together !!

Thanks! Also to Dave for pitching in here & there!